Mini cleansing bar "Wild Rose" (premium)

Suitable for normal to dry and combination skin. The natural valuable Wild Rose essential oil, which possesses a high concentration of vitamin C, prevents premature aging and revitalizes and evens the skin tone.
Beneficial effects: cleanses, detoxifies, stimulates microcirculation, protects, softens & anti aging.
Gamila Secret Cleansing Bars are available is ten varieties, nine of which have essential oils for added fragrance and skin stimulation effect. All cleansing bars have the same base of ingredients, six pure plant oils as Grape Seed Oil, Olive oil, Avocado oil & Gamila’s Secret herbal formula. Use the Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar according the directions to achieve the best result.
All cleansing bars have healing, nourishing, deep cleansing and softening properties. The Gamila Secret Cleansing Bars refine the skin structure, facial pores and regulates the skin’s hydration balance.